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Major Announcement from MBM

Alpha a posted Mar 1, 17

After much discussion, the MBM Admins have decided it was time for some major changes.

MBM will move away from being a TF2 community and transition to being a "ARK Survival of the Fittest" community.
MBM may add other games as they become available.

We will continue to host TF2 servers until Sept. 29 2017 at that time all of our TF2 servers will be shut down.
As a result of our scheduled shutdown of TF2, we will no longer accept donations for donor perks on our TF2 servers.
Those of you that already have perks will continue to have them until the scheduled shutdown.
We wanted to make sure all current donors were treated fairly.

MBM will continue to accept donations from players who wish to support our new ARK servers (perks will be announced later for ARK).
MBM will also continue to accept donations from players who just want to support us and help us pay our bills as we shift our focus from TF2 to ARK and other games.

Why are we shutting down our TF2 servers?
Answer: We felt that with all the changes that Valve has made that have shifted the players away from community servers in favor of Official Valve servers, there just was no way our little community servers could survive. The advantages that Valve has piled on to keep players on the Valve servers is just too much.

Is MBM shutting down completely?
Answer: No, Our dedicated server will remain in place. Our website, Steam Group and TeamSpeak3 will be up and running as well.
And we will soon be hosting 2 new 60 slot ARK servers.

We have been running our TF2 servers for 7 years, we have had a good run, but all good things have to come to an end.
We never would have been able to host TF2 servers for as long as we have, had it not been for the awesome generosity of our players.
Thank you all very much, for the support that you have shown MBM for the past 7 years.

Please stick with us as we grow in a new direction with new games and more fun.
Thank you.

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